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Elegant, chic, and vibrant

Maternity Dresses

Floral Light Blue Maternity Dress - Mama + Mimba Maternity

a brand that inspires

We celebrate the beauty of pregnancy, motherhood, and fashion + style.

Mama + Mimba Maternity is a brand that uplifts and empowers mamas-to-be with a bold fashion statement. Our maternity dresses are carefully selected and curated with love to complement a woman's natural glow from within.

At Mama + Mimba, we inspire women to feel beautiful during all parts of their motherhood journeys. Thus, all of our dresses can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy! Hooray!

Mama must-haves

Baby Shower Dresses

Floral Green Maternity Baby Shower Dress - Mama + Mimba Maternity

effortlessly confident

Sexy Maternity Dresses

A Romantic Getaway

Babymoon Dresses